How the assessment tool works

Based on the data you provide regarding your building design, the BASIX tool assesses the anticipated water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions levels of your proposed development. The expected thermal performance of the proposed building is also assessed as part of BASIX. For the water and energy targets, the development is assessed on how it is likely to perform against existing dwellings of the same type.

Comprehensive data sets

BASIX uses comprehensive data sets supplied from utility organisations, state agencies and the Australian Bureau of Statistics to analyse and compare your proposed development against the NSW 'average'. This data includes resource demand, occupation levels, and market penetration rates of technology, climate and other factors.

An ongoing comprehensive analysis of sustainable technology ensures that BASIX is contemporary and reflects best practice in sustainable housing.


Algorithms within the BASIX tool calculate how your single dwelling, alteration and addition or multi-unit is likely to perform against a benchmark development of the same type.

Users are guided through the assessment process step-by-step. Diagrams and help notes are available throughout the tool to help users should they need clarification.