BASIX TARGET REVIEW - Summary of Submissions and Feedback


The BASIX Target Review was exhibited for 9 weeks from 13 December 2013 to 14 February 2014. The exhibition period was extended due to the Xmas/NY closure period.

Submission could be made via the Department's website or through a dedicated email address.

Feedback was also provided via an online survey published on the Target Review website.

1. Formal submissions

Total number of submissions: 83

Category  No. of Submissions
 Industry & stakeholder organisations  20
 Councils  13
 Govt Agencies (including utilities)  6
Individuals - Professional  32
Individuals - other or not specified 10
Academia 2

The majority of the submissions were in support of the proposed increase to the targets.

Of the submissions that indicated their position on the target changes, 80% supported the proposed target change.


Chart 1: Overall support

Chart1-Overall Support

Chart 2: Key Issues

Chart2-Key Issues


The breakdown by issue shows the most common issues raised related to the water target, with the majority of these related to the size and function of rainwater tanks.

A number of the most common issues raised do not relate directly to the proposal to increase the BASIX targets (items in grey above).

2. Online survey response

Total number of survey completions: 180   % of reponses
 Support for target changes  Support target changes  Over 84%
   Thought changes were not necessary  Less than 16%
  Thought there should be a greater increase in targets  Over 21%


 survey responses



The majority of respondents indicated they would need 3-6mths to prepare for the changes before they were implemented.

View a full report of responses to the survey questions.

3. BASIX Target Review website

The Target Review website recorded over 5,700 unique visitors during the exhibition period. There were 3,166 unique visits to the Overview slide show and an average of 565 visits to each of the additional information pages.

4. Enquiries to the basix review email address

Over 50 emails were sent to the dedicated review email address and responded to by return email or phone call.