Changes and validity

Home page


currently 225 (w) x X 142 (h)

should be 215px (w) X 142 (h)

Log in box = 215w x 280*

Max width for image = 186px

Publications image 215x 180

Icons = 25x25

Article/category page

Log-in box: 187 x332*

Max width for image = 158

Speech bubble modules: 187x115*

Max width for image = 150

Width of main column = 556px

Image box full = 556 – padding 10px l&r – 1px border l&r= 532

Image box half= 556 - padding 10px l&r – 1px border l&r –gutter 20px = 230

*will vary according to how much content in box

Changes and validity

BASIX certificate validity

  • A BASIX certificate is valid for 3 months, prior to submission to council or accredited certifier.
  • Once your BASIX certificate is lodged with the council or accredited certifier it is valid for the maximum life of the development application. 
  • If your BASIX certificate is not lodged within 3 months you will need to generate a new certificate. This will incur additional fees. Find out more about lodgement dates.

Tip: To avoid additional fees we recommend that the BASIX report function is used until your design is finalised and ready for lodgement.


  • If you have made changes to your project then you will also have to update your BASIX certificate. This will mean completing another BASIX assessment and printing a new certificate.
  • The commitments that you make for your project (as shown on the BASIX certificate), must be noted on the plans.

Note: BASIX certificates are reviewed by Council and checked during the building process. Any inconsistencies may result in costly changes to development.