Pools and spas





Pool pumps can consume enormous amounts of electricity. The pool pump of a typical backyard pool, if left running 24/7, could use more electricity over a year than all the other appliances in the house combined.

Timers should be installed to control the operation of the pool pump/filter. During high use periods, recommended pump running times range from 4-6 hours a day (i.e. summer), and in low use periods 2-3 hours a day (i.e. winter).

Contact a swimming pool manufacturer or pool technician for the most accurate advice on pool pump timers, heating systems, filtration times and temperature settings for the pool.


BASIX recognises the following types of pool and spa heating systems:

  • no heating;
  • solar (gas or electric boosted, or solar only for pools);
  • gas;
  • electric heat pump;
  • electric resistance;
  • cogeneration heat (only available in multi-dwelling developments with a cogeneration system)

Solar heating is the most efficient way to heat a pool or spa. In multi-unit developments, the use of cogeneration heat for pool or spa heating will also score well.

Pool heating temperatures

Thermostats should be installed to ensure that pool and spa temperatures do not exceed the maximum set temperatures. The following table acts as a guide:

Recommended setting 20-24 °C 28-32 °C
Maximum setting 26 °C 38 °C