Access to BERS v4.2 when revising BASIX Certificates

In some specific circumstance Energy Inspection may provide limited access to BERS v4.2 for use in NSW when updating or revising BASIX certificates that where originally generated using version 4.2 of BERS.

Energy Inspection (EI), as the software provider, has been provided with generic guidance by BASIX under what circumstances access could be granted for the purpose of satisfying BASIX regulation in NSW.

Application to access a previous version of BERS must be made directly to Energy Inspection and accompanied by supporting documentation specified by EI. The NSW Department of Planning and Environment, as administrator of BASIX, is not the contact in regard to obtaining access. There may be technical and functional limitations that influence any decision to grant access which are beyond the control of BASIX and/or Energy Inspection. The decision of EI to grant or not grant access is a matter for them as software provider and the Department will not adjudicate in any decision made by EI.

As a general rule the following guidelines apply to where access may, subject to the discretion of EI, be granted. In all cases, the certificate subject to revision must have been generated using BERS v4.2 as the source of inputs in the BASIX thermal comfort section. Certificates generated using other versions of BERS, other NatHERS software (FirstRate or Accurate) or using BASIX DIY, will not be eligible for consideration.

  1. Revising a BASIX certificate generated prior to 1 May 2016 (the date of introduction of BERS v4.3.x) but not yet lodged with the consent authority. Consideration of this option would be subject to demonstrating that it is impracticable to transfer the BERS project file to v4.3.x. The provision will only be relevant up to 1 August 2016 (being the 3 month validity period of BASIX certificates prior to lodgement with the consent authority).
  2. Revising a BASIX certificate generated prior to 1 May 2016 lodged with the consent authority (Council or PCA) where the planning consent (DA or CDC) has not yet been determined.
  3. Revising a BASIX certificate generated prior to 1 May 2016 that accompanies a valid planning consent (DA or CDC).

For all cases, the user should consider utilising v4.3.x to translate v4.2 project files to the latest version. Updating to the current version of BERS is the preferred approach as this alleviates the need to request recurring access to older software versions arising from changes during construction.