New BASIX energy targets

Energy targets for houses and units increased on 1 July 2017. Energy settings for thermal comfort, heating and cooling have also changed.

Typically, the energy targets for houses and low-rise units increased by 10 per cent, and by 5 per cent for mid and high-rise units.

The settings for thermal comfort heating and cooling changed in line with what was proposed in the 2013-14 BASIX Target Review.

These changes were announced in A Draft Plan to Save NSW Energy and Money, which was released by the Minister for the Environment in October 2016. They are part of the Government’s plan to reduce energy bills faced by households by ensuring that NSW remains a leader in delivering energy efficient housing.

You can view the updated BASIX energy target zones map.

You can also view the updated thermal comfort heating and cooling caps.

Following the introduction of new BASIX energy targets the BASIX Helpdesk is experiencing high call volumes. The Department is committed to dealing with calls as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Department has prepared an updated series of frequently asked questions which reflect the key issues raised by users on the BASIX Help Desk. For more information, please see the BASIX Target Changes - Frequently Asked Questions.