Artificial lighting

BASIX assesses the energy used by artificial lighting based on:

  • which areas of the dwelling are primarily lit by fluorescent or LED (light emitting diode) lamps – that is, at least 80% of the light fittings in the area, including the main light fitting; and
  • whether the fittings in each area are dedicated (only capable of accepting) fluorescent or LED lamps.

The areas of the dwelling covered are:

  • bedrooms/study;
  • living/dining;
  • kitchen;
  • bathrooms/toilets;
  • laundry; and
  • hallways.

What is a dedicated fluorescent or LED fitting?

Dedicated, in relation to light fittings, means a light fitting that is only capable of accepting fluorescent or LED lamps. It will not accept incandescent, halogen or any other non-fluorescent or non-LED lamps.

Selecting a dedicated fitting will get you more BASIX points, as it locks in efficient lighting practice over the life of the building.

Did you know? Pools can account for more than 16% of the greenhouse gas emissions from households

source: BASIX