• rainwater– collected from roof areas and stored in a rainwater tank;

• stormwater– collected from trafficable surfaces and stored in a stormwater tank;

• greywater– diversion and treatment systems can be used to collect and re-use wastewater from the bathroom and laundry;

• private dams (single dwellings only)– for toilet flushing, laundry, garden irrigation;

• reticulated alternative water supply (approved multi-dwelling developments only)– recycled wastewater supplied by a water authority or central authority via a reticulated system to individual lots for non-potable use;

• central on-site recycled water systems (multi-dwelling developments only)– for toilet flushing, laundry, garden irrigation; and

• hot water recirculation and diversion– collecting water from hot water fittings until the water reaches the desired temperature.

For each water use in the development, you must nominate a water source. The source may be mains-supplied potable water or one of the recognised alternative water sources.

Alternative water sources are optional, but in most cases a dwelling will need to nominate an alternative water source in order to achieve the required water target.

Note: There are limits to alternative water use for some alternative water sources.

BASIX does not recognise the following water supplies as alternative water sources. Please refer to the relevant help notes for further information:

• Groundwater.

• River or 'Raw' Water

• Onsite Sewage Management Systems




Did you know? Pools can account for more than 16% of the greenhouse gas emissions from households

source: BASIX