For multi-dwelling developments, BASIX assesses the energy usage of saunas based on:

  • the heating source for the sauna; and
  • the sauna efficiency measure.

BASIX does not apply to saunas installed as part of new single-unit homes or as part of an alteration to an existing home.

Sauna heat sources

BASIX recognises the following heat sources for saunas:

  • Electric infrared
  • Gas
  • Electric resistance

Electric infared or gas saunas are the most efficient types and will give a higher BASIX score than saunas heated with electric resistance.

Sauna efficiency measures

BASIX recognises the following efficiency measures for saunas:

  • Push button timer (manual push button which switches sauna on for a set period of time, with an automatic off)
  • Controlled by BMS (Building management system) (sauna automatically turned on and off according to a preset schedule as part of a computer driven building management system)
  • Stand-by function (sauna goes onto stand-by mode when not in use)

The most efficient measure for saunas is the push button timer, and the least efficient measure is none.