Central systems

To reduce the energy used by central systems in multi-dwelling developments:

  • choose an efficient central hot water system;
  • choose an efficient central cooling system;
  • choose an efficient central heating system;
  • install a central alternative energy source to offset some or all of the energy demand;
  • choose suitable and efficient lifts;
  • choose efficient pool and spa heating systems;
  • operate pools and spas (especially pumps) efficiently;
  • choose efficient sauna heating systems and operate them efficiently;
  • install a Building Management System; and
  • install active power factor correction.

Additionally, for common areas in multi-dwelling developments:

  • provide common clothes drying lines if individual ones are not provided;
  • provide efficient common clothes drying facilities that use an energy source with low greenhouse-gas intensity; and
  • provide energy and water efficient common clothes washing facilities.