Pools and spas

What is the most energy efficient way to run a pool?

An unheated pool (selecting 'no pool heating') will achieve the highest score in BASIX. If the pool is to be heated, solar pool heating is the most efficient option. In multi-unit developments, the use of cogeneration heat for pool heating will also score well.

The energy used for heating and pumping can also be reduced by:

  • installing a pool cover to reduce heat loss through evaporation– this will also reduce water loss;
  • installing a timer on the pump/filter.

Pool covers also protect the pool from pollutants such as leaf litter, reducing maintenance and chemical requirements.

During high-use periods (summer), recommended pump running times range from 4-6 hours a day, and in low-use periods (winter) 2-3 hours a day.

Contact a swimming pool manufacturer or pool technician for the most accurate advice on pool pump timers, heating systems, filtration times and temperature settings for the pool.