Refrigerator space

On average, approximately 15% of household greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed to the refrigerator (Energy Use in the Australian Residential Sector 1986-2020).

A well ventilated refrigerator space meets the following criteria:

  • the refrigerator will be unenclosed
  • the refrigerator will only be enclosed on three sides, including the rear and top
  • if the refrigerator is to be enclosed on three sides (not including the rear and top), ventilation grills are installed below the refrigerator (either in the floor underneath the refrigerant coils, from the rear, or within the plinth) and above the refrigerant coils, to allow air flow equal to the air flow that would pass over the refrigerant coils were the refrigerator unenclosed

Diagram of an unenclosed refrigerator Unenclosed refrigerator

Diagram of a refrigerator enclosed on 3 sidesRefrigerator enclosed on 3 sides

Diagram of a poorly ventilated refrigeratorPoorly ventilated refrigerator