Using the BASIX assessment tool

In order to obtain a BASIX certificate for your proposed development, you will need to complete our sustainability assessment using the BASIX assessment tool.

How the assessment tool works

The BASIX assessment tool analyses data relating to the design of your proposed dwelling and determines how this scores against water and energy targets. The dwelling design must meet specific targets before the proposed development can be issued with a BASIX certificate.

Once the design complies with BASIX, a BASIX certificate listing the sustainability commitments can be printed and submitted with the development application.

Where can I access the tool?

You can access the BASIX assessment tool on this website - both on the BASIX homepage and the right hand column of all pages.

If you have already registered you should be able to log-in straight away using your username and password. If you are new to BASIX you will need to create an account: