BASIX and the development process

BASIX is an integral part of the development application process in NSW. Once design plans are complete, the steps are:

Obtain a BASIX certificate

  • Complete the BASIX assessment using the online tool; access to the tool is free. Once all sections are passed a certificate can be generated. A fee applies to generating the certificate.
  • Print your BASIX certificate: by generating the certificate; you are committing to building your project as described. All of the commitments must be marked on the plans.

Submit your application

  • Submit your development application or complying development application with the BASIX certificate attached.If you make any changes to your project, you must revise the BASIX assessment and print another certificate and re-lodge it at council. 
  • There is no charge to revise a valid certificate lodged with the consent authority.

Assessing your application

  • Council will then assess your application, and if approved, it must be built according to the BASIX commitments.
  • The construction process will be inspected by a certifying authority.

Construction certificate

  • You will need a construction certificate before the build begins.
  • Attach the BASIX certificate to the application for a construction certificate and ensure all BASIX commitments are shown on the plans.

Occupation certificate

  • Attach the BASIX certificate to the application for an occupation certificate.
  • The certifying authority will only issue a final occupation certificate when satisfied that the project has been built as described on the BASIX certificate.

Completion receipt

  • Following the final inspection and prior to issuing a final occupation certificate, the certifying authority is required to issue a BASIX completion receipt.