How will BASIX work with heritage controls?

If your proposed development is on a statutory heritage list or in a statutory heritage conservation area, and the heritage controls conflict with a BASIX commitment, then you may be eligible for an alternative assessment.

The heritage control must directly conflict with a BASIX commitment if you are to be eligible for an alternative assessment. Whilst no complete exemptions from BASIX will be granted, the BASIX commitments that clash with heritage controls will be removed so that a BASIX certificate can be issued.

Examples where conflict can occur are:

  • Shading required to pass BASIX conflicts with a requirement to design a heritage affected facade without shading
  • Orientation of solar panels conflicts with heritage controls that request they may not be visible form the street

How do I request an alternative assessment?

You will need to lodge a Heritage Alternative Assessment form.

Further information about to apply for a BASIX Heritage Alternative Assessment and complete the Heritage Alternative Assessment form can be found here

Once the completed form is received and approved, the conflicting commitments will be removed from the BASIX Certificate and you can proceed with the development application process.