How the BASIX certificate fee applies

To help both maintain and improve the BASIX system, the NSW Department of Planning & Environment charges a fee for the issuing of a BASIX certificate.

How much is the fee?

Below is a table showing the maximum fees payable:

Type of developmentMaximum fee
Single dwelling $50
Multi-dwelling $80 (for first two dwellings)
$35 (for each dwelling more than two dwellings) 
Residential flat building Variable - depends on number of units
Alteration and additions $25 for each dwelling

Is there a different fee for certificates that don't use the online tool?

Yes. Such certificates need to be manually produced by the Department (say for heritage buildings or those that use alternative building solutions) and therefore extra expense is incurred. The fee for a certificate for a single dwelling not issued under the online tool would be $50 plus $25. The extra cost for manual certificates will not be higher than $250. This is explained in Clause 262B of the EP&A REGULATION 2000[e1] .

When will the fee need to be paid?

Payment of a fee for a BASIX certificate is required prior to the generation of the certificate on the last page of the online tool.

How can payment be made?

Payment can be made by:

  • credit card through a secure online payment portal, accessed through the BASIX assessment tool
  • cheque posted to the Department, (the address appears on the payments page of the BASIX website. Please allow time for delivery and processing prior to the release of a certificate)

Can I access the online tool without paying?

Yes. Online access to the BASIX website, help notes and the use of the online assessment tool is free to the public. However if you need to generate a certificate payment is required.

Do I have to pay to generate a report?

No. Generating a BASIX report is free of charge. The report will contain all the same information as a certificate, but cannot be lodged with the consent authority (say a council or accredited certifier) for approval.

Do I have to pay to access the BASIX tool for educational purposes?

No. The ability to access the BASIX on-line tool, generate a BASIX report for a proposed dwelling and print this report is free of charge.

What if I need to revise a certificate after it has been generated?

There is no additional charge to revise an issued certificate, so long as it relates to the same property and project recorded on the original certificate. It must also have been lodged, or be valid to be lodged, with a consent authority as determined in the Regulations.

Cost calculator

To work out the required fee please use the BASIX cost calculator spreadsheet, available in excel format: