Project address

Project name

  • Enter a project name.
    Note: This name will appear on your BASIX Certificate. You can enter a maximum of 50 characters in this field.

Plan Type

  • Select the plan type (either Deposited Plan or Strata Plan). This is the legal identification of your lot. It is sometimes shown in the form 1/23456, with the number preceding the '/' the lot number and the number after the '/' the Deposited Plan (DP).
  • Enter the lot reference. This can be up to 6 characters and may include both numbers and letters.
  • Enter the plan number. Plan numbers can be up to 7 characters long and must be numeric.
  • Enter in the section number, if applicable.

Please note: A Deposited Plan defines the boundaries of the parcel of land. A Strata Plan is used when the parcel of land is further divided to allow multiple occupancy and separate ownership of individual units (home units and townhouse developments for example).


Enter the following address details. Please check details are correct, as address cannot be changed once a certificate is generated.

  • Enter the four digit postcode.
  • Select the correct LGA from the drop down menu (see note).
  • Enter the suburb name.
  • Enter the street number in full. For units, the street number must be preceded by the unit number. If there is no street number (in regional areas), enter the lot number or ‘n/a’. If no street numbers have been allocated due to the land parcel being subject to subdivision enter a provisional number appended by “(pending)”.
  • Enter the street name.
  • Select the street type from the menu. If the street type is not included in the menu, select "other" and enter the street type in the field provided.

Note: Changes to local government boundaries

BASIX certificates generated after 1 July 2017 will show local government areas in accordance with the amalgamated boundaries that came into effect during 2016.
Certificates generated before 1 July 2017 and lodged with a consent authority will show the ‘old’ local government areas in force prior to amalgamation.

For projects or certificates created prior to 1 July 2017 but not lodged with a consent authority, the user will need to reselect the local government area appropriate to the new boundaries in force for 2016.


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