Grouping Windows

Note: This help note applies only to certificates generated prior to 1 July 2017, or revision of those certificates if validly lodged with the consent authority.

The DIY tool allows up to 15 different window types/combinations to be entered.

Where there are more than 15 individual windows, windows of the same type and orientation need to be grouped together. When combining windows into groups, the following rules apply:

  • must have the same orientation – that is, be on the same building elevation.
  • have the same frame and glass type
  • have the same level and type of shading, overshadowing or eaves overhang.

To enable the grouped windows to be identified on the plans and elevations submitted to the consent authority, group windows should be clearly identified in the BASIX window schedule and include the name/number applicable to all windows in the group as shown in the example below:

 Screen shot of Windows and Skylight details

Failure to clearly identify grouped windows may result in the PCA not being able to finalise the BASIX completion receipt and certify the works.

If it is not possible to restrict the number of grouped windows 15 or less (that is, there are more than 15 different combinations of window types and orientation), then the Simulation Method must be used to satisfy the thermal comfort section of BASIX.