Checking the assessor certificate details

Assessor Certificate: means the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme Certificate issued from the online generation system by an approved software provider, with the first page showing the NatHERS logo and the unique QR-code.

Assessor Certificate Number: means the unique Certificate number shown on the Assessor Certificate.

The Assessor Certificate Number may also be referred to as the 'Certification Number'.

The Assessor Certificate shows:

  • the location of the project;
  • the version of Approved Software used;
  • the Accredited Assessor who generated the certificate;
  • the Accrediting Organisation of the Assessor who carried out the assessment;
  • the conditioned floor area and unconditioned floor area of the dwelling; and
  • the adjusted heating and cooling loads (total load may also be included).

The front page of the Assessor Certificate must also include a unique QR-code at the bottom right-hand corner.

Check that all of the Assessor Stamps are complete, signed and consistent. Check that the Assessor Certificate Number shown on the BASIX Certificate matches the details on the Assessor Certificate.


It is possible to further verify the validity of an Assessor Certificate by contacting the Accrediting Organisation of the Assessor who carried out the assessment.

For ABSA assessors:


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