Installation of rainwater tanks

  • The constraints of a particular site should be identified and considered well in advance of the installation. Rainwater tanks should be located where the connected roof area and connections to fixtures can be maximised.

  • After identification and consideration of the constraints, potential rainwater tank locations can typically be identified on a property constraints plan.

Example of a property constaints plan identifying potential locations of rainwater tanks


  • The downpipe locations will assist with confirming where the best location for a tank would be and how much roof area can be connected.

  • Where possible the tank should be located in a well shaded area of the property.

  • The weight of a rainwater tank when full will be vastly greater than its weight during installation (empty), it is important to ensure a solid foundation and that any nearby fences or posts will not be burdened by the total potential weight of the tank.

  • Ensure enough access to the rainwater tank for future maintenance