BASIX assesses the site landscaping based on:

When completing your BASIX assessment, you MUST enter the total area of garden and lawn included in your development. You will also need to indicate any areas of low water use species that you intend to include as part of your water saving commitments. Multi-dwelling developments need to enter the areas of common area lawn and garden for the development as well as the details of any private landscape areas for individual dwellings, such as private courtyards.

For any areas of low-water-use plant species nominated, a landscape plan must be submitted with the development application and this must list the specific plant species to be planted on the site.

Note: Remember, all BASIX commitments, including landscaping commitments,
form part of your consent.

BASIX does not require your garden and lawn to be established before you may occupy your home, however, you have an obligation under your development consent to ensure that landscaping commitments are fulfilled. The consent authority may carry out post-occupation inspections to ensure that your development complies with the conditions of your development consent.