Pool and spa shading

Shading the pool and spa with an appropriate shading device reduces the amount of water a swimming pool or spa will require. Swimming pools and spas that are not shaded will require more water due to higher levels of evaporation from the sun. To improve your water score in BASIX you should install shading for your pool and/or spa.

Ensuring your pool or spa is sheltered or protected from wind by vegetation or fencing can also help reduce evaporation and therefore reduce water use.

Diagram showing protected and shaded poolDiagram showing protected and shaded pool

To be classified as shaded at least 80% of the pool or spa must be covered by a shading device which can meet one of the following requirements:

  • It is opaque
  • It has a shade ratio of not less than 80%, or
  • It has a shading co-efficient of less than 0.35.